Wednesday, May 1, 2019

WQ6X prepares for Cinco-de-Contest Weekend - Pt. 2

I no sooner published the original BLOG entry about preparing for Cinco-de-Contest when I discovered more pictures from past 5-contest weekends in May.   In 2014, after securing a 1st-place (worldwide) win w/N6GEO in the RTTY RU, I enjoyed a number of multi-OP events w/the crew @ NX6T culminating in a 1st-place win for the NEQP QSO Party.

What I learned from 2014 I applied to a WQ6X SOAB portable operation from W7AYT's QTH to secure a 1st-place for W6-land (California).   While I managed a 1st-place plaque for 2016-7QP,
for 2017 the competition evidently wised-UP, leaving WQ6X with a 3rd-place certification; not too
bad, when I consider the limited antenna configuration in use @W7AYT at that time.

Also in 2017, WQ6X accomplished as a Single-OP something not possible @NX6T - finally taking a 1st-place in the Italian ARI contest.  Understand that the score I amassed in that event was HARDLY a BiG one; however it was greater than anyone in USA who submitted a legitimate LoG.

Additionally in 2017 was a 1st-place win in the INQP contest, with a whopping 8 QSOs for 804 points.  Ironically, in 2018 as a multi-OP with NX6T, we also took a 1st-place - with 8 QSOs resulting in 804 points.

What we learn from this is to ALWAYS submit a contest LoG, no matter how pitiful your score may seem.  If no other logs are submitted in your operating category, you win by default.

You may recall one of my operating mantra's: "When in Doubt: CHEAT! (but within the rules) ".  Because the concept is so easily mis-understood, I wrote a separate BLOG entry about it.  ([CLICK HERE] to read this BLOG Entry.)

As you can see, at NX6T we rely on unique operating aids to make for larger radiosport scores.  NYE Viking Kilowatt+ tuners give us
a more perfect match to the 160 & 80 meter double-bazooka inverted Vee's.

MR. Bill and the [EASY] button are also utilized, if for no other purpose than to give station operators more luck. 

Then again, I remember that Thomas Jefferson once said, "I am a great believer in luck; and I find, the harder I work the more luck I have.

Hard work becoming a success is no accident.

In radiosport, submitting a winning score is also no accident.  To give me a better chance of winning
a given even (or set of events), in advance of the contest weekend I read the rules of each contest, update the contest logging software, check the space weather forecasts and review previous year
log and BLOG submissions.

What about YOU?

What do YOU do to prepare for radiosport events?

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