Monday, May 13, 2019

WHY I Do Radiosport - PT. 5 - FEEDBACK: It's ALL about Feedback

As a Bio/Neuro feedback therapist, in a nutshell, my work is about Performance Enhancement.
Not surprising, more sports fitness trainers are beginning to include feedback modalities as part
of their regimen.

A number of years ago (summer of 2011) a series of videos were made during the Cw NAQP contest.  The idea  was to track my left pre-frontal E-E-G while I ran various aspects of this contest; first S&P'ing then running frequencies.  In total, 5 video segments were produced.
  1. Part 2 - Running a frequency
  2. Part 3 - Running a frequency
  3. Part 4 - Running a frequency
  4. Part 5 - Running a frequency
Because the above exercise was done during a Cw contest, in order to enjoy a fuller understanding
of the implications of these videos, you need to be able to copy Morse code.  If plans hold up I am looking to repeat this experiment (now 8 years later) in the upcoming NAQP Ssb contest.
I am hoping that the many things I discovered/learned from this E-E-G exercise will be
similarly confirmed by repeating this exercise via Ssb or RTTY.

A measurement similar
to E-e-g - namely GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) - is another bio-indicator that, properly monitored, can assist us in improving operating performance.

At the heart of every GSR device is a circuit familiar to most radio amateurs - namely, a Wheatstone bridge.

GSR measurement provides an important yet indirect look at our base-level emotional state. 

During periods of intense operating, our negative-emotion state can rapidly rise.  Similar to the relaxation often experienced from meditation, we can learn to control our GSR-levels and remain calm, while at the same time remaining focused on making QSOs.

While use of GSR-readings can be incorporated immediately, to obtain maximum benefits from e-e-g feedback, it is more effective to begin with a baseline evaluation of relevant areas of the brain.  I call this a QEEG "Brainmap".  The Hemisphere Viewer (which I wrote for NeuroLogiK Solutions) turns
raw e-e-g data into useful evaluations for each hemisphere. 

FEEDBACK: It's all about Feedback.


Based on these recommendations, a custom-tailored program of neurofeedback therapy can be utilized to "balance" brainwave activity, which for the radio amateur translates into more efficient/effective operating ability; exactly what
top-notch radiosport players are looking to do.

Combining neurofeedback with meditation, proper diet, mild-exercise and properly developed sleep cycles offers up the possibility for taking the radiosport experience to the "next level".

"Exercise" equipment doesn't necessarily have to be complicated and/or expensive; likewise with neurofeedback - a single-sensor NFB headset
can be the start of a new beginning in radio sport.

What do YOU do to maximize YOUR radiosport performance?
I would like to hear about it.

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