Sunday, January 27, 2013

The World of WQ6X Contest Activities

WQ6X Contest Activities for 2012

It was from viewing KA3DRR's Blog that I decided to setup a Blog here on BlogspotCom.
The purpose of this WQ6X blog is to report on my RadioSport activities.  I spend my contest operating time from many locations, some which I setup and some which already exist.

During 2012,  I guest oped 8 times from the W6HCD location in Fallbrook either as NX6T, W6J or using my own callsign.  As we did in 2011, for 2012 we used my callsign (WQ6X) for both weekends of the CQ WPX Contest.

As a Multi-Single, for WPX SSB we took 3rd place in W6-Land, 10th in North America and 54th Worldwide.   For CW we took 1st place for W6-Land, 9th in North America and 49th Worldwide.

I also teamed up with George N6GEO last year for a number of events beginning with a Multi-Single effort in the RTTY Roundup (RU) where we took 1st place from the East Bay (EB) Section.
Here I am at the keyboard controlling the Elecraft K2 Radio.

 For CQP George and I once again activated Modoc county from the same location we setup at in 2010 (for 2011 we operated from a boat on the Sacramento river).  Pictures from our CQP events can be found from my http://WQ6X.Info/CQP website.  Here is a picture from our 2012 CQP operation.

We ran a Multi-Single operation from N6GEO's QTH in Brentwood for November Sweepstakes C.W.

During 2012, I setup portable operations for a number of other contests including: NAQP, IARU Championship, All Asian DX Contest, Sweepstakes Phone and CQ W.W. Cw.

For 2013 I have already participated solo in the RTTY RU, NAQP and a barely attempt this weekend in the CQ 160 contest using a kluged ham-stick vertical (5mh) front-ended with an MFJ-949e tuner.

There are a lot of contest activities planned for WQ6X in 2013, including a rumored operation from somewhere in the Caribbean for CQ W.W. Dx.  
Stay tuned for the details.

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