Saturday, April 13, 2019

BLASTS from the Past: JIDX Cw

W Q 6 X  @ N X 6 T  for 2010  J I D X  Contest
As the JIDX Cw contest draws near this weekend I took a look back to previous WQ6X Contest
Blog write-ups about my past runs of this event; many with NX6T, altho a few W6J solo events also happened.  The JIDX GiG is where non-JA stations seek to log as many JA contacts in as many Japanese prefectures as can be found.

Many plaques and awards have been won from operations I have been involved with. 
Over the last 6 years the following JIDX Cw GiGs have been run:
  1. 2013 - W6J Solo from W7AYT's QTH in Concord
  2. 2014 - W6J Solo from Alameda
  3. 2015 - NX6T Multi-OP in Fallbrook
  4. 2016 - W6J Solo from W7AYT's QTH in Concord
  5. 2017 - NX6T Multi-OP in Fallbrook
  6. 2018 - NX6T Multi-OP in Fallbrook
To help track all the Prefectures on each band, I devised a tracking APP expressly for this purpose.  Unique to this software is the ability to input a Cabrillo file and automatically populate the prefecture stats for each band.

2 0 1 3 - W Q 6 X  Flustered by Lack of JA participation
Two of the biggest difficulties of this contest come from lack of JA participation in their own contest followed by stateside stations who blindly respond to our "CQ JA" calls; what part of "JA Only"
do you not understand?

In recent years, the usual motley crew of operators at NX6T have managed to secure
the 1st-place (worldwide) JIDX plaque in BOTH Cw and Ssb events.

If you look closely at the plaque inscription,
it says that we are the "Top Mop" (i.e. multi-OP).  However when I first read this I thought of an
oval floor mop.

I guess you could say that we really cleaned
up for those events.  Our main rival HG7T (in Hungary) seems to have slowed down a bit, giving us an easier chance at another 1st place.

Our sea view location  (at 900' above sea level) gives us the advantage of more easily skipping signals across the "Pacific pond".

N N 6 X  +  N 6 K I  +  N 6 E E G
Last year (2018) brought in our usual bunch of superb B-I-C operators along with WQ6X via remote  access using the antiquated (but still capable) RCForb rig control software.

I wonder what 2019 will bring.....

Do YOU work the JIDX contest(s)?

Is NX6T, WQ6X, W6J or W6V in YOUR Log?

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