Wednesday, December 12, 2018

WQ6X Single-OPs CQ W.W. Cw Remotely

This was another last-minute remote operation from NX6T in Fallbrook.  Having finally worked out
a reliable K3/0 connection to NX6T in Fallbrook, it was time to give it a REAL radiosport test; the CQ W.W. Cw contest was the way to go about that.  Some contests I go all out to win.  Other contests are pursued to test antenna/equipment configurations or add counties, provinces and countries to the WQ6X logbook.
This was my first remote CW operation run entirely with the Elecraft K3/0 installation I recently cobbled together.  Unfortunately, internet outages kept me off the air Friday evening.
At 09:30z things cleared up allowing me to spend time on 80 & 40.
N X 6 T  @ N i g h t
Unfortunately pointing the Shorty-forty towards Japan yielded not a single JA contact. HuH?
The answer was to settle in on 80 meters; VE9, J86, CO2, KH6, C6 & VK2 easily made it to the
log; evidently, the 80-meter double-bazooka performs better than I have given it credit for..

At 15:00z (7am) the hoped for 40-meter opening to Asia finally materialized.  Highlights included:
JA, DS4,YB0 & YE.   Almost exactly an hour later, the band "went long" and then quickly faded out; no special "greyline" QSOs this time.   At 17:30z the MUF rose sufficiently for 20-meters to open bringing VE6, VE3, KH6.  A brief European opening put DP7 & EF8 into the log.
Then, unfortunately, life circumstances kept me off the air most of the day.

At 05:30z 40 meters delivered a solid opening to Europe, putting some unique callsigns in the log.; including: RA6, ED3, 9A7, S52, KP2, LX2, TK0, CR3, 9A9, LZ9, ES9, IR6, EV1, SZ1, 9Z4, XE1, CN3, VE4, DM6, OK2, YL2, EA6, US2 & D41; amongst others.
Sunday operations were largely a BUST. At 22:00 CE2 and an FG station made it to the log.
Just as I settled in, the internet connection took a dive and operation went off the air - QRT.;
it's a good thing the auto-CQ mode was not enabled when the connection died.  While I didn't
make a LoT of QSOs, at least the K3/0 remote operation worked.
N X 6 T  T o w e r # 2 (from below)

The 2-el shorty forty and Stepp-IR yagi's delivered the 100-watt signal to every continent except Africa; the biggest challenge from San Diego section.

Did YOU work this year's CQ W.W. Cw contest? How many Countries and Zones are in YOUR log?


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