Friday, December 7, 2018

For WQ6X JIDX + WAE = Double Disappointment

R T T Y via  E L E C R A F T  K 3 / 0
Over the years, NX6T has taken numerous 1st-Place plaques for the JIDX (both Cw and Ssb) leaving me quite surprised when Dennis (N6KI) informed me that NX6T would be dark that weekend offering open operating opportunities for WQ6X.  Initially, it would seem that this solved the problem of how
I could participate in BOTH the JIDX & WAE-Rtty contests. What actually happened is something
else entirely.

In recent weekends I've been learning to leverage using an Elecraft K3/0 to run NX6T's station #1 remotely. I was hoping it would be an easy setup for this contest only to discover that while the internet network needed for connecting the RRC-1258 interface unit online worked, the internet connection needed by VNC Viewer was intermittent. While I was able to Search & Pounce (S&P)
with reasonably accuracy, the intermitent nature of the VNC Viewer made it nearly impossible to
run a frequency; attempting to pass QTC messages would have been a disaster.
N X 6 T  @ D U S K
The JIDX Ssb contest was even more frustrating. Every year I am frustrated by the lack of Japanese participation in their own contests. In my experience Japanese participation in the recent JARTS RTTY contest far exceeded that of the JIDX Ssb contest. HuH? Am I missing something?
At the last minute (12:00z) 4 Japanese stations made it into the 40 meter log.

For the WAE RTTY contest, 213 QSOs made it into the log along with 5 QTC messages.
With a more stable operating environment I might have been able to send the remaining
200+ QTC messages; maybe next year will be much better.

W A E  E n d I n g  S t a t s
While the overall operation left a lot to be desired, achieving a stable wireless RRC-1258 connection was successfully accomplished. The question to be examined is whether or not  this success can be repeated.

Did YOU work the JIDX and WAE RTTY contests?

Is WQ6X in YOUR Log?


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