Sunday, March 25, 2018

WQ6X: "I SiT BacK and WaTch"

When I "run" a frequency and stations "move in", "wrestling" for [domination] control,
I simply press [F1] and continue.

Next thing I know, those stations are LONG gone
and [for better or for worse] I am still
running that same frequency.

Stations around me wrestle for dominance;
erupting into a HUGE Experience and then
quietly Fade away, to become
ALL but Forgotten.

  • It ALL boils down to the 4 Universal Questions
    (as proposed by Alan Watts)

  • WQ6X's 1st Sweepstakes @NX6T (in 2009)
    1. WHO Started It?
    2. ARE we going to make it?
    3. WHERE are we going to put it?
    4. WHO's going clean up?
    After-contest QRT @ NX6T

    These are all relevant questions
    for Radiosport Activities.

    What are YOUR thoughts on this?

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