Tuesday, March 20, 2018

BLAST's from the PAST: WQ6X in ARRL DX Contests

For WQ6X, the last 6 years of ARRL Dx contests have been characterized by one word: VARIETY.  Operating as W1AW/6 from Fallbrook, a portable setup from the Phoenix Lodge, or a remote operation from the Gold Strike Casino Hotel, off I-15 (enroute to Las Vegas) - no two operations were anywhere near being alike.

This BLOG is the 2nd in a series called: Blasts from the Past.
Each BLOG in this series focuses on some major WQ6X contest activity from years past.  [CLICK HERE] to view the BLAST that started it all.

Most of the past BLASTs have been documented previously in posts to this WQ6X Contest BLOG, and/or on a web section of the WQ6X.Info website (such as WQ6X.Info/WP2).

To continue this series let's take a look at a crowd favorite for over
70 years: the ARRL International Dx Contest - both CW and SSB.

Like CQP and Sweepstakes, the winter ARRL Dx contests give me yet another opportunity to engage in all manner of portable operations and guest-OP appearances. While each event is different they all have the
same goal: emergency preparedness.

Here are some of the highlights from the ARRL Dx contest:
  • 2018 ARRL DX CW & SSB contests - remote from SF
    bay area joining NX6T [CLICK HERE]
  • 2017 ARRL DX SSB contest - WQ6X joined NX6T on-site
    as NX6T  [CLICK HERE]
  • 2017 ARRL DX CW contest - remote from SF bay area
     as NX6T [CLICK HERE]
  • 2016 ARRL DX CW contest - remote from Gold Strike
    Casino Hotel as NX6T [CLICK HERE]
  • 2015 ARRL DX CW contest - with N6GEO in Brentwood
    as WQ6X [CLICK HERE]
  • 2014 ARRL DX CW contest - Operated as W1AW/6
    on 15-m CW [CLICK HERE]
  • 2013 ARRL DX SSB contest - portable from Phoenix Lodge
    as WQ6X [CLICK HERE]
  • 2013 ARRL DX CW contest - portable from W7AYT's QTH
    as WQ6X [CLICK HERE]
As you can see, even the ARRL Dx contest can take on many forms, altho the contest format itself hasn't really changed much in decades. 

However one major difference occurred
during the 2014 100th  anniversary of W1AW.

WQ6X received this for operating as W1AW/6 on 15-Cw during the 2014 ARRL Dx CW contest. 

It's so CooL to be cool.

How often do YOU play in the ARRL Dx Contests?

Is WQ6X and NX6T in one of YOUR logs?

Look for WQ6X and NX6T in 2019.

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