Saturday, July 5, 2014

WQ6X again operates as W6A for the 2014 All Asian DX Contest

Between work commitments and HORRIBLE solar noise, this weekend's All Asian was  somewhat of a disappointment. Using the W6A got some attention but was not enough to overcome the near S-9 geomagnetic storm noise both evenings.

I setup a portable operation using the ICOM-7000 into a bevy of audio filters (a MFJ 752-C & NIR-12 into a Radio Shaft 15-bands/channel equalizer) in an attempt to resolve the noise problem.
Ironically, the ground mounted HF2-V was often noise-quieter vs. the 7mh 8JK Cobra Sloper; altho the HF2-V had close proximity to a BPL cable trunk - Arrrrgh.

Similar to last year, I was disappointed by the "small turnout" from Asia; then again, maybe they were there - just under the noise on this end.  In the end, JA/UA0 was all I could work.
The oldest OPs I worked were 75 & 77 contrasted by two 15 year old ops.  As usual, the final contest hours were manned largely by retired operators 65+.
We need more YOUNG operators participating in the All Asian contests.

The guys at NX6T did considerably well for a mere four operators.   It is altogether possible that if I had "borrowed" their EASY Button for use during All Asian I MIGHT have been able to double my score.

While I worked all bands (80 - 10 meters) in the end I submitted the log as a 40-meter low power entry, which may well net me another 1st place (similar to last year's 20-m SSB win).

This year, problematic conditions on 40 meters were more than JUST a noise problem.  In addition to the usual barrage of illegal S. American SSB stations on the bottom end of 40-m, the lower 35-khz was also home to a number of data transmissions and 2 slow-speed Cw stations (with No-ID) transmitting code groups; not to mention the Russian "L" beacon.  WTF?

Another problem I encountered in this A-A operation was RUDE operators.  One particularly BRASH operator stands out in the ID of K6MMM.  During the last half hour of the contest I finally encountered an opening on 10 meters.  The only stations I heard there were JA3YBK (who I worked) and JK1YMM who I worked on all the other bands.  I gave him a call and was INSTANTLY barraged by K6MMM calling CQ on the frequency.  He was 20 over S9 so when I sent him a QRL/QSY message, his response was to call JK1YMM.  When YMM didn't respond, he resorted to calling CQ, despite several requests to QSY.  I was OBVIOUSLY copyable at his QTH, so his ignoring QSY requests was OBVIOUSLY intentional.
In the end, NONE of us made any further QSOs; neither of us worked YMM who then disappeared into the noise.
This kind of behavior is what gets contest operators viewed in a negative light by non contest operators.

Oh well. All Asian SSB is in September.
Maybe the bands will be quieter and I can take  another 1st place, like last year.

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  1. Seeing my All Asian operation has encouraged a non-ham to begin studying for the Technician license --- Ham Radio proselytizing at its best. (WQ6X)