Monday, September 23, 2013

WQ6X does WAQP Salmon Run Portable in Alameda

This last weekend found me setting up a portable station at the Monterey Center (my office) in Alameda California. The setup consisted of the ICOM-7000 into an MFJ apartment antenna attached to the rain gutter 2.5mh with a 40-meter hamstick replacing the MFJ whip.

I managed 36 QSOs in the Salmon Run (the WA QSO Party); 34 on 20-m and 2 on 40-m. Signals on 15 & 10 meters were non-existent. I was amazed at who could hear me and who couldn't. By the time it was over I managed to work 17 counties in Washington state; not bad for a puny antenna. 
 At 00:28z SJ2W drifted in at S-2 running the Scandinavian contest. 
 A little persistent effort on my part got me into SJ2W's log as #001 in their contest.

Monday morning found me checking into the Adventist Amateur Radio Net (@17:00z) on 14.328. Net control Bob VE7DSE was S-7 here and I managed a whopping S-2 into his Prince George BC QTH.
At 18:00z they switch to 21.405 (altho I had no copy) and sometimes 28.328 after that. 
From N6GEO's QTH I've managed to check in on both 20-m & 15-m, but have yet to copy them on 10-m.
 Possibly this fall we will have a shot at 10-meters again; unless the sunspot cycle really is on its final trip down to the bottom. 

Did you work the Salmon Run this weekend? If so, how many counties did you snag? 
Did you work the bonus station W7DX? I did. 

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  1. Last week I received a participation certificate for the Salmon Run; a nice consolation prize for the fact that I didn't place very high in the standings. Nevertheless, being acknowledged for showng up is always nice.