Thursday, September 12, 2013

Necessity turns WQ6X Multi-OP into Single-OP for 2013 All Asian SSB Contest

This last weekend's All Asian contest was full of surprises.  My original plan to join the NX6T crew in Fallbrook was preempted in favor of a multi-OP entry from N6GEO's cabin in Twain Hart as I did last year.  Unfortunately, the Yosemite fires threatened that area so the next plan was to multi-OP from N6GEO's QTH in Brentwood (near SF).

I setup the ICOM 7000 on a card table in George's shack on Thursday evening and we went to
great lengths to network the computers.  Friday afternoon I started operations a few minutes
after 00:00z.  Later when George showed up we discovered his Flex-1000 would not properly transmit, so in the end I ended up as a single op.

During the 48 hours of the A-A contest I managed to eek out 135 QSOs & 77 multipliers.
160 & 80 meter condx. were all but non-existent from Brentwood.  40 meters ended up
producing a whopping 4 QSOs thanks to the house blocking the West direction of the 6-BTV vertical and the woodpecker radar.  10-meters produced all of 5 QSOs; more than they managed at NX6T.

It was 20 & 15 meters that produced most of the QSOs (30 & 96 respectively).
When it was all over I decided to submit a single-band log (even though I sent in all 135 Q's).
I almost submitted the log as an LP 40-meter entry which would have beat the Arizona Outlaws (N7TEW) 3 QSO entry for 40.  Instead, I submitted the log as an LP 20-meter entry.

Again the turnout for All Asian was for me quite a disappointment.  This weekend was largely a JA fest with a few UA9's and UA0's thrown in.  During greyline on Saturday I heard a 4X4 station loud and clear but unfortunately he was not working All Asian - go figure.

As in recent years past, the median age for All Asian was well over 50.  I heard one station in their 20's, two in their 30's and only 2 YL's.  The number of 60+, 70+ & 80+ operators was quite staggering - we need some young blood in All Asian.

Did you operate All Asian this year?  If so, how did it turn out?

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  1. Today (6-2-2014) I received a certificate from the JARL for a 1st-Place (U.S.) on 20-M.
    So,as it turns out, submitting as a single band brought WQ6X an award. Intelligent log submissions can make the difference between certificate or NONE.
    - Ron WQ6X
    I posted a picture of the certificate on my personal FaceBilk page: