Sunday, June 2, 2019

WHY I Do Radiosport: PT. 6 - When in Doubt CHEAT (but within the Rules)

2 0 1 2  F I E L D  D A Y  - 20M - CW
Nearly 2 years ago, I advocated Cheating, but within the Rules.  [CLICK HERE] to re-read that. 
In Part 5 of the "Why I do Radiosport" series, I described how I use E-E-G monitoring to improve
my radiosport performance.  Is using Neurofeedback "Cheating within the Rules"?

Technically, neurofeedback is not all that different from focus-Meditation, along the lines of Za-Zen. 
I am hardly the first radiosport operator to sit some sort of meditation before taking on an operating shift.  Are we cheating within the rules?

2 0 1 3  F I E L D  D A Y  - 20M - CW
A few operators choose to be "roaringly drunk"  during radiosport activities.  Is it a help, or a hindrance?  Some years back, during my stints as 20-CW operator during W6SW's Field Day operations, the "oil can" sized Foster's Lager made it more fun and therefore kept me going. 
Is "artificial" cheating?

3 - E L  2 0 Meter  Y A G I (being raised)
During that Field Day event, WQ6X made over 600 20-Cw QSOs for W6SW in under 10 hours.
To what degree can we attribute this success to running an FT-920 transceiver into a 3-element
wire yagi 20mh?  (Adding more variety, WQ6X then put 150+ 75-m Ssb QSOs in the log.)  I only remember that I did all this; I don't remember the details.

As it turns out, based on E-E-G brainmap data, it is confirmed that coffee consumption is actually beneficial to my brain.  Not everyone's brain is the same as mine; just because caffeine works for
me is no guarantee it is good for you.  Remember: any/all diet introductions should be monitored
by health care professionals.

Certain Lo-impact movement exercises quietly channel oxygenated blood through my system;
most importantly to the pre-frontal areas of my brain.  When the front of the brain is purposefully activated, one's ability to focus and hyper-focus is dramatically improved.

I've been known to utilize Light-Sound devices for enhancing brainwave hemispheric balance. 
Is the use of Light-sound before/during/after a radiosport event "cheating within the rules"?

In recent years we have seen the emergence of alleged brain-enhancement supplements that promise improved memory and or enhanced stamina.  Is use of such supplements "cheating
within the rules"?  What about mega-doses of B-Vitamins, such as B-1, B-6, B-12 and Niacin?

Bottom-line: It's easy to label any idea that is new to you as cheating - only because you have not thought of it before.  Before you trash an idea as cheating, how about taking a close look at it first.  You may be able to utilize the idea to your advantage and/or modify it to suit your needs.

What about YOU? 
Have YOU cheated within the rules?

How did it turn out?

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