Saturday, January 4, 2014

WQ6X's Tips on how to work DX Stations

This is the 2nd installment of my writeup from operations here at St. Croix.
As it turns out running pileups is quite a chore because EVERYBODY wants to make a contact.  However in your haste to make contact with a somewhat sought-after station, it is real easy to ignore proper operating protocols, so I would like to offer you a few tips that will get you contacts with WQ6X/WP2 more quickly and painlessly, as well as just about any DX station.  BTW, you should know, these ideas have only been around for 80 or 90 years, so I would think by now they would be common sense.

  1. Tip #1) LISTEN before you transmit.  I cannot stress that enough.  This evening the stations were so out of control I had to take things by call areas.  So, when I say "8 only", that means the 8th call area ONLY!  If you have a "3" in your callsign or a "1" in your callsign you are WASTING YOUR TIME calling me because I will be ignoring you.  If ten people call me who are not 8's then I cannot hear a legitimate 8 station so 1 - 2 minutes of time is wasted.  In those 2 minutes I could have worked several "8" stations and then moved on to the next call area.  So, when you call out of turn you waste EVERYBODY'S time.
  2. TIP #2) LISTEN FIRST! .  When I send "QRX" that means EVERYBODY should stop sending (I.E. STFU!).  If I have to send QRX 10 times in a row before everybody stops then we have wasted 30 - 40  seconds.
  3. Tip #3) LISTEN FIRST!  If I send "SP8XYZ only" then do not send me your callsign unless you are SP8XYZ - I ONLY want to hear SP8XYZ.
  4. Tip #4) When I am listening to a station come back to me do NOT jump in and ask me for my callsign.  When you ask that you may obliterate a weak station I am attempting to copy.  The MAIN reason you can't figure out my callsign is because everybody is sending on top of me.  Has it ever occurred to you that if you are sending at the same time I am, two things happen:
    #1 - I can't hear you.
    #2 - no one else can hear me because you are sending on top of me and may be louder than I am.
  5. Tip #5) If you continuously violate guidelines #1 to #4 eventually you will piss me off and I will get tired and do what I have done the last 3 nights - I will abruptly QRT.  So guess whut?  You STILL don't get to work me.  

    If you want your chance to work a DX station, you need to "get in line", be courteous and patient.  All too often we CAN hear you, but when you call out of turn, to be fair to others we will ignore you and do our best to work those who are more courteous.
  6. Tip #6) LISTEN (are you getting how important it is to listen?)  Friday on 15-meter Ssb I worked 190 stations in 2 hours, and you know what?  They were courteous, listened to and followed my instructions - and guess what?  It worked!!  We all had a fun time.  Why?  Because they listened.  When I asked if there are any QRP stations, the non-QRP stations (the 99%) kept their mouth shut and let me give the weak QRP stations a chance.  When I called for mobile stations, only mobile stations answered up.  As it turns out, nearly everybody who wanted to work me got their chance quickly and effortlessly.  The same thing happend on 160 meters and 80 meters this evening.  But as soon as I get on 40-meters - Ssb or CW - stations (in all honesty MOSTLY Europeans) get PUSHY & RUDE, which RUINS it for EVERYBODY.
  7. TIP #7)  If I didn't work you then you are NOT in the log.  So if you send me a QSL card and I see you are not in the log, I will tear up your card and you will have wasted your card and your stamp.

I know you want to add St. Croix to your DXCC list, but please understand that the way people get the DXCC award is to EARN IT. You earn DXCC by legitimately working 100+ countries.  You do that by LISTENING before you transmit; then transmit at the PROPER TIME.  If you are not sure if you should transmit, then you probably should not.  Instead you should listen until you are SURE it is YOUR TURN to transmit.

It really IS THAT EASY - listen before you transmit.  Before you know it, you will have that DXCC award, with not only 100 countries, but 200+ or even 300.  However you cant get that If you don't learn how to LISTEN BEFORE YOU TRANSMIT.

Can I make this any more easy to understand?
If so please let me know how and I will attempt to simplify the above tips even further.

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