Monday, February 4, 2013

Contest Activities for Super Bowl Weekend

This Super Bowl weekend also sported a number of different radiosport competitions including the North American SPRINT on C.w. and the Mexican RTTY contest - both of which I participated in from the 2nd floor of the Phoenix Lodge running the ICOM 7000 into a pair of phased Ham sticks for 80/40 which also worked for 20, 15 & 10.

There were a number of QSO parties from Minnesota, Delaware, Vermont & British Columbia altho I was only able to work one BC station.  Even tho I could work other Canadians in the RTTY contest and numerous east coast stations in the SPRINT, I heard no signals from MN, DE or VT - Go Figure.

Did you play in any of these events?  If so, how did they turn out?

This coming weekend I will be teaming up in a Multi-2 operation for WPX RTTY using the WQ6X callsign from N6GEO's QTH in Brentwood California.  Come play RTTY with us.

This evening I prettied up the WQ6X page on QRZ.Com.
It contains links to this BLOG as well as my WQ6X.Info Website.
Check them out.


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